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Willems Baling Equipment is a leading manufacturer of fully-automated baling and bagging machines, including a top quality bag filling machine with Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) technology. We offer high-end packaging solutions for sorting, weighing, compressing, baling, bagging and palletizing a wide range of materials. The Willems bag filling machines are designed to fill a wide variety of materials into industrial bags, such as wood pellets, wood shavings, wood chips, hay, straw, cardboard, grass, compost, tea, sawdust, synthetic and fibers. The development of our highly engineered bag filling machine with sealing technology is based on innovative and superior technological concepts, which take into consideration each customer’s specific requirements and expectations. 

Bagging machine with bag sealing equipment: the Form Fill Seal machine

If your business is looking for a custom-built bagging machine with bag sealing technology, Willems Baling Equipment offers you a fully integrated solution; the Form Fill Seal machine, or FFS machine for short. This specific type of bag filling machine is an all-in-one solution for forming, filling and sealing different sized bags. There are two main types of bagging machines with form, fill and seal technology:

1. Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machine
2. Horizontal FFS machine.

Difference between horizontal and vertical bag filling machines

Vertical bag filling and sealing machines are typically used in the food, chemical and hardware industry, for packaging small and relatively sturdy materials, such as; grains, rice, coffee beans, dry fruits and snack food. A Horizontal Form Fill Seal machine (HFFS machine) is the best suitable solution for bagging larger objects, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy, fresh-cut products and materials that are too fragile to be filled in bags by a VFFS machine. In either case, the material for packaging comes off a roll and is then shaped, bagged as well as sealed. The individual packs or bags are further filled up, sealed and then separated by the bag filling machine.

Willems customer-specific bagging and bag sealing machines

Willems Baling Equipment offers fully automatic and customer-specific bag filling machines, which are tailored to your specific production needs and industrial processes. The major advantages of a bag filling machine with Form-Fill-Seal technology is flexibility, precision and speed. For instance, if your company requires quick transition among several small-sized bagging and sealing methods, we provide the best suitable bagging machine with Form-Fill-Seal equipment. In such a scenario, the ideal bag filling and sealing machine is the Vertical FFS machine, because of its capability to form, fill and seal a wide range of bag shapes and sizes.

Due to the diversity of these specific bag filling machine, the Form Fill Seal machine is able to utilize a broad range of different materials, which are used in a variety of markets such as cosmetics, foods/drinks, electronics, tobacco, stationary, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Accuracy and reliability of our high performance bag filling machine

Our high performance bag filling machine is designed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every movement in the Willems bagging machine is mechanically controlled. By using top-notch programming our bag filling machines deliver high-quality processing and material handling with maximum accuracy, reliability, precision and flexibility.

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