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Willems Baling Bagging machine

Whether you are a small or large-scale business manufacturing materials like wood pellets and sawdust, it is definitely worth investing in a fully-automated bagging machine from Willems Baling Equipment to enjoy various packaging benefits. By introducing our highly engineered bagging machines in different industrial processes, we have helped many of our international clients gain various advantages in their bag filling operations.

Are you looking to improve your bag form, fill and seal process and are you considering one of our bag filling machines? Below are some compelling reasons why you should invest in our high performance bagging machine.

Our bagging machines save time on packaging

With a bagging machine you save time and labor in comparison to the traditional technique of manual bag filling, which is a time consuming procedure. In today’s fast-paced world, it can prove to be sluggish and highly inefficient. On the contrary, the easy-to-use bagging machines offered by Willems Baling Equipment maximize bag filling productivity, improve packaging efficiency and maximize labor reduction.

Willems bag filling machine reduces the risk of error

Our high-precision bagging machine is designed specifically to reduce the risk of any errors in the entire packaging process. The errors made in manual bag forming, filling and sealing processes are mainly responsible for incorrect weighing and overfilled bags, which can lead to undercharging and losses. The loss of inventory and resulting profit can be damaging for your overall business profitability. However, a bag filling machine by Willems Baling Equipment can prevent such errors.

Our fully-automatic bagging machines are suitable for wood pellets as well as other types of free-falling commodities, fibers, sawdust, straw, hay, peat, bark, compost, granulate, tea, grass, wood chips, wood shavings.

Save costs with an all-in-one bagging machine: the Form Fill Seal machine

Are you looking to save on bag forming, filling and sealing costs? We can help your business with our range of weighing and bag filling machines that meet NMI standards. By introducing an all-in-one bagging machine, such as the Form Fill Seal machine, you can forgo the requirement of an entire team of employees for bagging, and instead allow them to concentrate on other important business operations and tasks. Automatic bag filling and sealing techniques used in our FFS bagging machines also minimize the risk of employee injuries. Manual bagging labor involves the handling of bulky equipment as well as lifting of heavy loads, which increases the risk of workplace injuries. Our high-performance bagging machine minimizes such risk while maximizing quantity of production.

In short: Willems Baling Equipment offers durable and reliable bag filling machines to maximize production on your entire bagging line and increase the profitability of your business.

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Willems Baling Equipment offers a variety of industrial bag filling machines to meet all your bagging requirements. Our high-performance Form Fill Seal machine can handle up to 30 kg of bag weight and different bag sizes as per your packaging requirements. This customer-specific bagging machine also comes with adjustable lengths of bag sizes and is able to fill a maximum of 1200 bags per hour.

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