Bale packaging

Willems baling equipment, leading manufacturer of baling equipment

Willems makes baling machines and all machinery what has to do with it. high standards and low cost price is always involved by designing machinery. Willems can deliver the complete packaging plant: shaving the woodshavings with a log shaver till hooding the stacked pallet. also the bale handling equipment to stack the bales onto a pallet, palletdispensor, belt conveyors, rollor conveyors, balers, augers and many more can be supplied and manufactured by Willems.
When your company produces a nice looking bale, the bale is much easier to sell. You can make a nice bale of animal bedding with a baling machine. Willems animal bedding baling equipment for bale production with high bale output can automate your complete bale production.
Interested in: Bale machinery, bale handling equipment, bale packaging machines or bale stacking solutions if you want a print on a bale or on a pet bale and maybe on a big bale then contact Willems Baling Equipment or look furtherer on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are at anytime available to provide furtherer information about bale equipment.


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