Baler machine

An industrial baler machine is generally used for packaging various products into firm, stable and space-saving bales. Willems Baling Equipment offers a complete range of fully-automatic baler machines for sorting, weighing, compressing, baling and palletizing a great variety of compressible materials. We manufacture high-performance balers for organizations in various industries, that require a custom-designed baling machine for compressing specific products into top-quality bales.

A big advantage of using a Willems baler machine is that the individual operating the hydraulic baling press does not need to have advanced mechanical skills to handle the machinery. Our baling machines are fully-automated and therefore reduce manual work to a minimum. It allows more versatility, flexibility and efficiency in your bale packing process. In addition, with our high-precision baler machine, the parameters can be automatically adjusted to your desired settings. These two features together enhance both efficiency and capacity of your entire bale packaging process.

Our complete range of high-performance balers

If you’re looking to improve your baling and packaging methods, we recommend investing in one of our high-quality industrial balers. Willems Baling Equipment offers powerful, high-speed baling machines for producing a wide range of bale sizes, including; a Vertical or Horizontal Baler Machine, a Baling & Bagging Machine such as the Form Fill Seal machine and a hydraulic Wood Shaving Bale Press.

Willems baler machines are made with heavy-duty steel, which make them ideal for all types of industrial construction as well as repeated usage. Operating the machinery requires an easy one-touch operation. Additionally, palletizing becomes a simple task if you decide to expand your baling machine with our state-of-the-art Robot Palletiser.

As mentioned before, automated balers require just one employee for machinery operation and saves money, time and manpower. Therefore, you save on overall operation expenses when you start using our fully-automatic baler machine.

Save on maintenance with a Willems baling machine

Our vertical and horizontal baler machines are specifically engineered to minimize energy consumption. The machinery operates on an economy mode utilizing half the amount of power and is still able to provide maximum power, if the situation demands it.

Did you know that your old baling machine demands more labour, consumes more power and requires more maintenance? Traditional machinery demands frequent repairs and is high in energy use, which can increase your total operating costs. Our energy-efficient baler machine can support your operations with unique power units, which reduce energy consumption significantly. Willems high-performance balers are specially designed to minimize down-time and maintenance costs, while keeping the highest degree of personnel safety in mind at all times.

Why invest in a vertical or horizontal baler machine from Willems?

A Willems baler machine is fully-automatic and designed for fast processing a variety of products from its raw materials to a packaged bale, that meet your baling requirements perfectly. With our hydraulic baling machine you save labour costs, increase bale compressing efficiency, improve reliability and achieve a higher baling quality and quantity. Contact us today if you’re looking to invest in a highly-sophisticated and EC-type certified baler machine from Willems Baling Equipment.

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