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Willems Baling Equipment offers a comprehensive range of industrial baler machines, such as a state-of-the-art hydraulic baling press machine, specifically designed to automatically compress wood shavings, wood fibers, sawdust, hay, straw, silage or cellulose into high-density bales. These compressed bales are easy to handle, store and transport. We offer full-automatic baling press machines, including vertical and horizontal balers suitable for producing a variety of bales, in varying sizes. The bale packing process is done by a flat foil packaging unit.

Willems also offers you a customer-specific baling press machine than can be easily integrated in your current production setup. In short, our company manufactures a wide variety of bale press machines, which are designed according to the highest level of technical specifications and each of our clients’ baling press requirements.

Horizontal versus vertical baling press machine

We provide horizontal and vertical baling press machines for automatic weighing, compressing, baling and packaging a wide range of products. Both the vertical and horizontal baling press machine carries the benefits of reducing operating costs and enhancing productivity as well as sustainability. In particular, a vertical baler is designed for processing materials such as bark, substrates, peat and compost. This type of compressing machine takes up less space than a baling machine that uses a horizontal bale press technique. Horizontal baling press machines are used in a wider industry range and primarily for compressing cellulose, hay, straw, wood shavings and sawdust into top-quality bales.

Benefits of bale press machines

Hydraulic baling press machines are safe, fast, reliable, low on energy consumption and maintenance, cost-effective and labour-efficient. With this type of baler your business can leverage several key advantages, such as:

• A bale press and baling machine works fully automatic, is easy to operate and demands minimal supervision by the operator.
• The Willems baling press machine uses flat foil for high-quality bale packing. Your packaging process becomes more efficient, faster, more reliable and user-friendly.
• Our high-precision balers are energy-efficient and require minimal maintenance, therefore make the overall bale packing process faster, convenient, safer and more cost-effective.
• The baling machine uses a high-speed compressing process that effectively reduces packaging, storage and transportation costs.

Willems top quality baling press machines

Willems Baling Equipment offers a wide selection of top-quality baling press machines for your specific bale compressing and packing needs. Our industrial balers are fully-automatic and designed to develop the product from its raw materials to a packaged bale by using a high-performance flat foil machine. Your business can benefit from film costs savings by almost 20 percent, as compared to pre-manufactured bags used by a traditional baling press machine. We also provide quality and standard assurance with EC-type examination certificates for all our bale press equipment.

Do you need expert advice on the best suitable baling press machine for your business? Contact Willems today to consult one of our specialists for a customer-specific solution.

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