Cellulose baling

Willems Baling Equipment introduces the Cellulose baling machine. This machine is a full automated machine with a user-friendly touch panel.

Cellulose baling is done with a horizontal baler. First the cellulose fibers are compressed in the press room the outpush ram pushes the cellulose into the flat foil packaging unit, where the bale is closed by means of impulse sealing. The cellulose baling equipment is suited for thermal insulation flocks, like cellulose flocks, thermal insulation flocks made out of paper. Cellulose baling out of flat foil is the cheapest way for packaging cellulose fibers. The cellulose bale has flat sides. This is a great benefit for stacking the cellulose bale on a pallet.
Cellulose in a nice bale with a nice attractive and colorful print is much easier to sell. Increase your name in the cellulose market and invest in the future. The good looking bale with cellulose is your companies business card. The more representative the cellulose bale the more bales with cellulose you will sell. The bale coming from our horizontal baler has nice flat sides and round corners. But that’s not all, Willems also offers you palletizing systems by means of robot palletizing solutions to get these goods on a pallet for transport to the costumers.

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