Market leader in fully-automated flat foil packaging

Willems Baling Equipment is the global market leader in balers, bundle machines, form fill packaging machines and related products. We are years ahead of our competitors in terms of developing fully-automated flat foil packaging technology. By keeping all production processes in-house, we can guarantee quality from raw material to end product.

Automated baler production

Years of consistent effort in optimising processes have resulted in complete control of our production. The production of our packaging machines is largely automated and uses technology like advanced laser and water cutting machines. Our assembly department is fitted with advanced tools as well, which allows them to work accurately and efficiently. This both ensures the best possible efficiency and accuracy throughout our company.

Focus on results for the customer

At Willems Baling Equipment, the entire organisation is fully focused on achieving maximum results for the customer. From our advisers to the management, everyone is well-versed in the market and its latest technology. We work with you to find the optimum solution for your production process.

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