FFS Machine (Form Fill Seal Machine)

The form fill seal machine for bagging pellets.

Willems Baling Equipment will be presenting a machine that fills bags made out of flat film, which is said to be ideal for filling bags of pellets or similar products. The manufacturere in Holland describe the equipment as fast and reliable. As is explained, the bags are made with gussets and the fact that the bags are produced from flat film saves bagging costs. In addition, the apparatus is fitted with a shaking device so that the pellets fall together in the bag. This supplementary mechanism is also claimed to effectively reduce the packaging costs per bag of pellets.

FFS Machine: Form Fill and seal machinery for bagging. The product is dosed in the weighing unit. When the dosing is completed the product is dropped into the out push chute, on the forming shoulder the bag is formed out of flat foil with a length seal. Then the bag is filled, after the bag is filled the bag is closed with a cross seal.
A Form Fill and Seal Machine. Is a machine which forms, fills and seals the bag. So it does the complete job from A till Z. Another benefit is that the bag is made out of flat foil. This reduces foil costs. The machine is mainly used for sawdust, tea and wood pellets bagging.

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