Form Fill Seal machine

We at the Willems Baling Equipment have many years of experience in producing baling and bag filling machines, such as the highly advanced Form Fill Seal machine. We also offer an extensive range of related products and maintenance services to all our clients. Since 1993, when we first introduced our fully-automated bagging machines with form fill and seal (FFS) technology, we have built a reputation as one of the leading technology experts in the international packaging industry, as a result of continuous innovations and service improvements on our baling and form fill seal machines.

We cover engineering, production, assembly, and servicing of your form fill seal machine - everything to fulfill your packaging needs. The Willems Form Fill Seal machine is an essential part of our complete range of machinery, that can significantly boost your business's productivity, efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

The Willems FFS machine: an all-in-one bag filling machine

A horizontal or vertical form fill seal machine is designed for bagging a number of products, by forming, filling and sealing the materials in various sized bags. This type of bag filling machine uses a bag shaking mechanism to ensure optimal bag filling The FFS machine uses a roll of plastic film to bag goods. The bag is being made out of flat foil and then formed, filled with the goods that need to be bagged into it, after which the package is sealed to form a closed bag.

At Willems Baling Equipment, we design form fill seal machines suitable for bagging wood pellets and other free falling products, sawdust, grass, compost, bark, hay, straw, granulate, peat, straw, wood chips, wood shavings, as well as tea. Based on your bag filling and sealing requirements, the bagging machine can hold between 600-1200 bags per hour, each weighing up to 30 kilos. The form fill seal machine is equipped with a user-friendly operator interface, so that the size and length of the bags can be easily modified according to your required specifications.

The benefits of form fill and seal machines

There are various benefits of using a form fill seal machine for packaging various products, such as:

• Completely automated forming, filling and bag sealing process from start to finish.
• The form fill seal machine speeds up the bagging process and in turn, your output.
• Form fill and seal machines increase overall sealing and bagging precision, by alerting the machine operator about improper sealing due to obstruction by bagged goods, while ensuring fewer rejects.
Fast, durable and reliable packaging with our form fill and bag sealing machine.
• Significant packaging cost reduction due to ease of use and highly efficient machinery.
• The Willems Form Fill and Seal Machine delivers high quality packaging products at low costs.

To summarize, The high-tech FFS machine is one of our most preferred bag filling machines for packaging various products efficiently, safely and effectively.

Horizontal and Vertical Form Fill Seal machine manufacturer

Willems Baling Equipment offers several industrial baling and bag filling machines, including a horizontal and a vertical form fill seal machine (VFFS). Vertical bagging machines are smaller in size and designed for packaging relatively small products. A horizontal FFS machine is bigger and therefore more suitable for larger production facilities, packing larger materials as well as higher volumes.

If you require advice on the ideal form fill seal machine for your specific bagging and packaging needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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