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Baling machine with multiple packaging benefits

By investing in a highly-engineered baling machine from Willems Baling Equipment, your business can enjoy multiple packaging benefits. After introducing our balers into their operations, our clients have seen labor efficiency and productivity rise, customer experience improve and workplaces become cleaner and more clutter-free. If you have been looking to invest in a baling machine for your farm or industrial facility, here are a couple of convincing reasons why you should consider our innovative baling machines.

A Willems fully-automatic baler machine reduces labor and costs

If your current packing process is labor-intensive, our fully-automatic baling machine can reduce effort while ensuring perfect packaging of different types of forages and materials. The baler folds, seals and adjusts the packing foil from raw material to a ready-to-go packaged bale in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the flat film roll capability enables continuous use of the baling machine and therefore offers more efficiency, compared to refilling bag magazines needed for ready-made bags. That's not all; a Willems baling press machine can also save film costs by up to 20% over pre-made bags.

Baling machines increase reliability with mechanically controlled movements

Our high quality baling machines have been accurately assembled with durable components and programmed to consistently deliver reliable performance. The precision design of the baler machine is evident in the flawless mechanical controls that make easy work of your raw materials. The baling machine is always in charge, not the bale.

Balers reduce work stress with simple operation and minimal adjustment

You don't have to be a specialized mechanic to operate our baling machine. The baler automatically adjusts parameters to find the optimal settings to seal and package the product. Your work is minimal, giving you the flexibility to attend to other important tasks. Our baling machines can easily handle various bale sizes and weights. To change bale length, you only need to adjust one setting. You can also tweak bale height and width in quick time. Even for multiple adjustments, you only need to move around a few parts, and have room to change bale weight of up to 150 kg.

Save on installation and maintenance costs with a Willems baling machine

Our top precision baling machine has been designed to fit comfortably into any available space. The baler consists of a solid frame and two modules. The frame stands securely over the floor and the modules are mounted on top of it. It eliminates the need for individual parts to be mounted separately or anchored to the floor. The installation is quick and simple, so that the baling machine can be up and running in no time. As the baling press functions as a self-sufficient single unit, you also do not have to worry about additional installation-related purchases.

At Willems, we go the extra mile to deliver the best service and long-lasting packaging solutions, by engineering sturdy, highly durable baling machines that ensure maximum reliability and performance. This translates into minimal wear and tear on machinery parts and lower maintenance costs for you.

Horizontal baling press machine or vertical baler?

Get in touch with our experts Willems Baling Equipment delivers versatile baling machines, such as horizontal and vertical balers, that can be used to process and package a variety of products. We can also supply your baling machine with an EC-type Examination Certificate for Automatic Gravimetric Filling Instruments and Checkweighers.

Please feel free to contact one of our experts to learn more about our horizontal and vertical baler machine solutions.

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