Industrial robots

In recent years technological advances have led to rapid developments in monitoring, control and automation techniques in baling and packaging industries, including the application of robotics - such as industrial robots - in various production processes. We at Willems Baling Equipment, believe in keeping abreast of new industrial robotic technologies in all our compressing, baling, bagging and palletizing services. Our company is also known for being a global industry leader in fully automated packaging solutions for various industries. Besides our wide range of baling machines and bale packaging machinery, we produce intelligent industrial robots, such as the Willems robot palletiser (or palletizer), for our clients who require an fully-automated palletizing system.

High speed industrial robot: the Willems robotic palletiser

Willems industrial robots for pallet stacking are ideal solutions for companies, who wish to increase their productivity, achieve higher efficiency, reduce packaging costs and increase workplace safety. Our state-of-the-art robotic palletizing systems are used in various packaging industries and specifically designed for high-speed pallet loading and unloading.

The Willems robotic palletiser (or palletizer) is a highly engineered industrial robot that features easy-to-use PLC operating software. This robot palletizing system stacks a wide variety of packages onto pallets, which are then lifted and loaded for shipping and transport. By using these type of advanced industrial robots, your company is able to load pallets safely and efficiently, without the use of any manual labor.

Benefits of adopting industrial robotics

There are a number of benefits to companies using industrial robots, such as a palletizing robot, for their various production and packaging processes. Listed below are some key benefits:

• The use of industrial robotics results in a complete automation of packaging and palletizing processes, which results in dramatic workforce reductions.
• Greater precision in processes, minimizing errors in production, packaging, palletizing and transport.
• An industrial robot palletizer is a high-productive, fast and reliable solution for automatic handling of large heavy goods and packages for palletizing, transport and shipping.
• Lower costs of production, packaging and shipment due to less manpower and low maintenance costs, combined with fast and high-precision processing.

Industrial robots are a great return on investment for companies looking to scale up their production, packaging and palletizing processes efficiently.

Automated palletizing with our industrial robot palletizer

We at Willems Baling Equipment build industrial robots for automated palletizing based on our leading edge technology, that enables high performance, flexibility and low maintenance. Our industrial robot palletizer can handle different kinds of packages with precision and speed. It is a low-cost solution for all your pallet loading and product handling requirements.

Some advantages of using our high-tech industrial robotics are:

• The highly flexible robot palletiser handles various kinds of objects like bales, boxes, bags, cans and kegs.
• Highest precision and top-performance combined with low maintenance costs.
• Willems industrial robots are easy adaptable to specific locations and formats.
• Our machinery can simply convert a single line to a double line format.
• The industrial robotic palletiser is fully automated and customizable to your specific requirements.
• The machine can handle up to 1200 units per hour.
• The palletizing setup includes a conveyer belt for transporting materials to the industrial robot and roller conveyors for moving loaded pallets to the next packaging stage.
• Extra space for storing empty pallets within the machine.

If you are looking for a reliable, flexible and cost-effective palletizing solution for your loading and transporting processes, look no further than the industrial robots from Willems Baling Equipment. Call us now to learn more about our line of robotic palletisers.


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