Peat & mulch bagging

Peat and substrate bagging is not our business we produce balers for peat and substrate baling.

Peat and substrate baling is done by a vertical baler. The peat bale is compressed and packed fully automatic machine. The machine is designed to costumers bale weight and bale dimensions.

The standard peat baler is capable to do 150 liter, 250 liter and 300 liter bales.

Willems's Peat baler is a complete new design, the peat machine is equipped with a Servo driven hydraulic system, The energy efficient sollution to compress the peat bales with the lowest amount of energy.

Packaging peat moss and other substrates can be done with a bagging machine but voluminous peat moss is mainly baled with a vertical baler. Willems designed a vertical baler specific for baling peat. Baled peat is ideal for palletising.

Willems is manufacturer of peat moss balers. The machine is unique in that it does not use pre-formed poly bags, but automatically wraps and seals printed poly film around the compressed bale before it exits the machine.


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