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Complete solutions for compressed packaging

Willems Baling Equipment offers complete solutions for space-saving packaging of voluminous products. We provide custom-designed fully-automated packaging machines for sorting, weighing, compressing, baling, and palletising, enabling seamless integration into your production line and logistics system.

Balers for every packaging need

Willems Baling Equipment provides balers for compressed packaging of wood chips, wood shavings, hay, grass, hemp fibres, potting compost, synthetic fibres, substrates, fibreglass, insulation materials, cellulose, paper, etc. We can produce a baler for any voluminous product.

Depending on your needs, our balers can produce bales with capacities and weights ranging from one to 250 kg. We also produce all machines relating to balers, such as planers, sifting systems, robot, and stretch hooders. And all of it is designed and fabricated in-house.

Speed, precision, and reliability

In our machines, we combine decades of experience, expertise, and innovation in fully-automated packaging. Each Willems Baling Equipment baler and packaging machine is manufactured and thoroughly tested for an unparalleled combination of speed, precision, and reliability. With capacities of up to 1200 bales per hour and nearly maintenance-free operations, our machines are a responsible and profitable investment.


Willems full automatic baler for animal bedding

Willems Baling Equipment manufactures balers for production of animal bedding, such as wood shavings, hay and straw for horse bedding. Our high quality machines are also capable of packaging hemp fibres, wood fibres, cardboard, sawdust, chopped stray, chopped hay and wood chips. We manufacture a broad range of industrial baling systems, specifically for turning waste into high quality bales that can be used as various animal bedding products, such as horse bedding, cattle and poultry. The Willems baler delivers dust free, soft and comfortable bedding products. Therefore, our worldwide customers also use the multi-purpose balers to produce animal bedding for pig farmers and horse owners.

High quality baling machine for horse bedding

The Willems baler operates with a unique packaging method and a wide range of baling options. We offer advanced vertical baling machines and fully automatic horizontal balers. The machines deliver compact, high valuable and dust free animal bedding products, such as horse bedding. Our machines are designed to operate fast and powerful with an user-friendly operating system and easy size changing method. We also offer an EC-type Examination Certificate for Automatic Gravimetric Filling Instruments and a Checkweigher.

State-of-the-art packaging solutions

Since 1992, Willems Baling Equipment is considered an industry pioneer in fully automated baling and packaging solutions. We deliver innovative packaging systems for all our customers worldwide. As a manufacturer of state-of-the-art packaging solutions, our company builds high quality vertical and horizontal baler systems, with efficient power units to reduce the use of energy. We offer a flexible and efficient solution for all your baling, horse, poultry and animal bedding requirements. We are also committed to providing the best after sales service. Our team of experienced engineers works around the clock to ensure a fast on-site service, maximum efficiency, consistent machine operation and full protection for all machine operators and other personnel.

Willems baler advantages

  • Fully automatic and efficient baling system, with a broad range of options.
  • Maximum performance with minimum maintenance. Our machines reduce film costs.
  • Safe and extremely user-friendly system that simplifies the operational process. Without training, the machine operator can easily monitor the machine for maximum efficiency. Start & go principle.
  • Solid construction, consisting of one solid frame and first class components.
  • Flexible bale length, with bag sizes up to 150 kilogram. Easily adjustable to customer specifications.

The high performance baler machine is a cost-effective solution for a broad range of baling, horse bedding and other animal bedding needs. We offer a high quality and efficient solution for all your packaging needs.


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