Robot palletiser

Advanced robotic palletizing systems

Willems Baling Equipment offers a wide variety of advanced palletising solutions. Based on a unique robot palletiser technology, we provide high performance stacking systems with a full range of options. Furthermore, our high speed robot palletisers are designed to meet a broad range of flexibility needs. The palletizing system is able to adapt to product changes, format changes and other product line adjustments. The Willems robot palletiser provides the best economical solution for all your automated handling requirements. We manufacture robotic handling machines for both industrial and commercial purposes. Our advanced robot palletizing systems can handle a wide range of products, such as bags, bales, boxes, kegs, tubs and cans.

High performance robot palletiser

As a global market leader in robotic handling systems, Willems Baling Equipment offers an innovative, efficient, cost-effective and reliable solution for all our customers worldwide. We provide a custom-designed high performance robot palletiser with a first-class palletizing method. Our robotic machines operate with a user-friendly system, which is capable of lifting and palletizing sacks of heavy and bulky items. The robot palletiser is designed to offer a flexible and high speed stacking solution and an enhanced safety system to ensure the highest protection for the plant, the machine operators and other personnel.

Machine development at the highest level

Since 1993, Willems Baling Equipment is considered one of the world’s top industry pioneers in fully-automated packaging and palletising solutions. Our company manufactures advanced, reliable, user-friendly, efficient and safe robotic systems. Our robot palletisers are made with a strong and enhanced design to ensure a lifetime of low maintenance operation. Our team of experienced engineers is committed to deliver a fast on-site service to guarantee maximum efficiency, consistent machine operation maintaining safety regulations for its surroundings.

Intelligent stacking solution with great flexibility

The Willems robotic palletizer is a highly flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution for a wide range of stacking needs. Our advanced robotic palletizing systems are specifically made for high capacity production lines.


  • Advanced and reliable system for high volume production lines.
  • High flexibility. Fast adaptable to product changes, format changes and other product line adjustments.
  • Flexible solution for alteration. The machine can be easily adjusted to a specific location.
  • High performance system with low maintenance.
  • Easy to expand a single line to a double line system.
  • Quick modification by adding components.
  • Suitable for palletising sacks of heavy materials, such as bales, bags, boxes, pallets and more.
  • Multi-purpose machine with a compact design. Fully customized palletizer that meets customer specifications and requirements.
  • Enhanced safety system to ensure the highest protection for the plant, machine operators and other personnel.

Technical features:

  • Capacity: up to 1200 units per hour.
  • 4 or 6-axle robot for suitable robotic handling.
  • The machine contains belt conveyors, for transporting materials to the robot.
  • The machine also contains roller conveyors for pallet transport.
  • Including an empty pallet magazine for pallet storage.

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