Some of our recent projects:

Oct-2017, Netherlands

Complete baling line for woodshavings and sawdust.

Sep-2017, Latvia

Complete baling line for baling, stacking and hooding peat and other substrates.

May-2017, Netherlands

Barrels will be stacked, labeled and strapped on pallets.

Feb-2017, Netherlands

Vertical big baler for packing peat mixtures in big bales.


Feb-2017, Belgium

Automatic packaging machine for packing pallets with stacked stones.


Apr-2016, South Africa

Bunker and baler for sunflower husk.

Apr-2016, Netherlands

Baler for chopped straw : bale size:1600x1200x700 mm

Feb-2016, United kingdom

Baler for shavings and sawdust in UK

Simple robot stacker to automate manual stacking of products

Jan-2016, United kingdom

Baler and robot palletiser in United Kingdom. 

The baler and robot palletiser are capable of baling a minimum of 250 baler per hour.

Dec-2015, Saudi Arabic

Maize silage balers including robot palletiser and stretch wrapper in Saudi Arabic

the balers are gonig to pack TMR feed for cattles in small packs.

Sep-2015, Austria

Robot palletising machine for stacking bags of woodpellets on a pallet full automatic.

the line also includes a stretch wrap machine.

robot is executed with a double vacuumhead for picking and placing 2 bags at the same time for highest capacity.

Jan-2015, UK

Complete baling line for shavings, dust, wood-flour. Included robot stacking and stretch hooding

Nov-2014, Australia

Total Mixed Ratio (TMR) packaging machine behind semi automatic baling system.

Oct-2014, United kingdom

Hay and straw pet baling line.

Sep-2014, Netherlands

Complete Glass wool insulation baling machine.

Jul-2014, Germany

baler and robot stacker for nylon fibres

Jul-2014, Northern Ireland

Baler, robot stacking system, bunker feed system

May-2014, Georgia USA

4 balers, 2 robot stacking syatems with pallet dispensors, 4 bunker feed systems. turn key delivered.

Apr-2014, Brazil

Stainless steel baler for baling polypropylene staple fibre

Mar-2014, Holland

Complete pachaging (bagging) line for woodpellets. Bagger FFS, robot stacker, stretch hooding.

Dec-2013, Netherlands

Bundling line for insulation panels.

Dec-2013, United Kingdom

Screening system for seperating bigger particles from MDF dust

Dec-2013, United Kingdom

Willems recently installed a double log shaving line in the United Kingdom.

Dec-2013, The Netherlands

 Willems has realised a complete log shaving project in Eastern Netherlands.

Sep-2013, The Netherlands

Sep-2013, Germany

Aug-2013, Ireland

Jul-2013, The Netherlands

Apr-2013, Ireland

Willems recently built a complete shaving and packaging plant for the production of bales woodshavings, This includes:


Aug-2012, Finland

Recently Willems did a complete project in Finland, We made a complete packaging line for baling woodshavings at a big sawmill.

- Silo for buffering woodshavings

- Drumscreen for sreening out fines.

- Baler for baling woodshavings

- Robot palletiser for stacking the bales.

- Wickler to wrap the pallet in plastic for a secure palletload.

Jul-2012, Germany

Bale press packaging machine for different horse feed mixtures

Mar-2012, United Arab Emirates

Project for Bagging Tea with Form Fill Seal Machines.

Jan-2012, Belgium

Complete line for producing woodshavings.

Dec-2011, The Netherlands

 Extension of a complete packaging line for the production of bales with chopped hay and hay fines.


Jan-2011, Germany

Production line for the production of bales of synthetic fibre.

Dec-2010, The Netherlands

Complete packaging line for the production of woodshaving bales.

Nov-2010, Germany

Baler for producing hay bales.

Oct-2010, United Kingdom

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