Stretchhood Hooder L

Willems stretchhood type Hooder L offers full protection against dirt, dust and moisture. A quality stretchhood film also protects your products against scratches and surface damage. Furthermore, the packaging machines deliver watertight hoods, in order to protect the valeu of your products.


Technical specifications:   
Pallet dimensions:   600 x 800mm (1/2 Euro) 
  1.600 x 1.200mm (Industrie) 
Loadheight:     min. 400mm - max. 3.500mm (incl. pallet)
Load dimensions: 1.300 x 1.100mm
Load tolerance:  offset max. 75mm
Pallet positioning:  ±10mm 
Maximum load:    1.500Kg
Capacity:        till 80 pallets per hour (depending on project specifications)
Transportheight: 500mm-600mm (standard 600mm) 
Transportspeed: 12mtr/min. 
Transportspeed: x400V, 50Hz + Earth + “0”
Power supply: 14 KW 
Diameter filmreel:   max. 1.000mm







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