Vertical Baler

Vertical Baler - High density baling machine

Balers are an important part of any industrial compressing, baling, bag filling and packaging process. With the help of a horizontal or vertical baler, you can compress a great variety of material into firm, stable and top-quality bales. By introducing one of these high-density baling machines into your packaging processes, your business is able to produce perfectly sized and shaped bales. Furthermore, the use of a vertical baler leads to an effective packaging cost reduction in no time, as well as greater storage and transportation efficiency. 

Willems Baling Equipment offers high-end horizontal and vertical balers, custom designed to every customer’s requirements. The vertical baler is also known as a ‘downstroke baling press machine’, because of its ability to compress material from the top. Generally these types of hydraulic bale press machines function independently and take up less space than horizontal baling machines. Vertical balers are ideal machines for condensing and pressing specific materials, like bark, compost and peat.

Horizontal vs. vertical balers

It is important to understand the difference between horizontal and downstroke balers, to be able to select the most suitable baling machine for your production facility. The primary difference between a horizontal and vertical baler lies in the way in which each of these machines compresses the materials into high-density bales.

Vertical baler

Certain factors that distinguish downstroke baling machines from horizontal balers include the following:

• Vertical balers are smaller as opposed to horizontal bale press machines.
• The baling press is compressing the bale material vertically.
• The vertical baler is generally less expensive.
• These machines have the ability to compress a wide range of small-sized products.

Horizontal baler machines

A horizontal baler machine is engineered for larger industry facilities and compresses bale materials horizontally. This type of high-density baling machine usually has an attached conveyor belt. Their primary use is in industries where bulkier and larger materials need to be recycled. The typical characteristics of horizontal balers include the following:

• In contrast to a vertical baling machine, the technique of horizontally compression is used for bale pressing and packaging a bigger volume of materials.
• Best suitable for condensing hay, straw, cellulose fibres, sawdust and woodshavings.
• The horizontal baler is used in a wider range of industries.

Benefits of a downstroke baling machine

• A fully automated vertical baler offered by Willems Baling Equipment can reduce labour costs significantly while increasing your productivity.
• Downstroke baling machines occupy less space. Therefore, the machine can be utilised in several different types of applications and in smaller production facilities where horizontal balers are not practical to use.
Vertical balers are easy-to-use and have the ability to compress a large variety of bale substances, from turf, flax and hemp fibres, to bark, peat, compost and many more.

Why choose Willems for a horizontal or vertical baler machine

Are you looking for the ideal horizontal or vertical baler that best meets your bale press requirements? Choose a custom-designed Willems baling press machine to enhance your bale compressing and packaging productivity, quality, durability and also ensure reliability and safety in your daily production processes. These benefits are guaranteed if you decide to introduce one of our horizontal or vertical balers into your organisation.

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