Wood shaving baler

The Willems wood shaving baler is specific engineered for pressing and packaging wood shavings for animal bedding in small, medium and big bales.

The machine will also package hay, straw, cellulose, etcetera.
Willems baling equipment designs costumer specific animal bedding balers. Each wood shaving baler is manufactured to produce a bale with costumer specific bale dimensions. Willems also produces pet packaging balers.
Willems produces wood chip / shavings balers with a capacity up to 300 bales / hour. The pet baler has capacity's up to 1000 bales / hour. Wood shavings who are produced with the Willems log shaver and baled with the wood shaving baler are ideal for dust free animal bedding, Screening of the wood shaving is done by a drum screen of oscillating screen. 

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