Wood shaving baler

The Willems wood shaving baler is specifically engineered to your liking.

Willems Baling Equipment manufactures high-end baling machinery and related industrial machinery that meets your set specifications. For example, Willems Baling Equipment designs, produces and installs customer specific animal bedding balers with specific bale dimensions, bale weights and/or production speeds dependent on the different product specifications of the product of your liking.

For example; Willems Baling Equipment produces wood chip / shavings balers with a capacity up to 300 bales / hour. The pet baler has capacity's up to 1000 bales / hour. The use of the Willems Log Shaving machine and baling the processed product, results in dust free animal bedding. Screening the wood shaving to dismiss any of the dust left on the product, is done by a drum screen or oscillating screen before baling it.

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