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Wood shaverWood shavings processed by a wood shaving machine are a preferred choice of animal bedding, mainly because woodshavings are safe, clean and highly absorbent. However, it is important to establish an optimal bale and packaging process to ensure that the livestock bedding end products are of the highest quality. The solution? You can choose a specifically engineered wood shaver from the range of wood shaving machines offered by Willems Baling Equipment. These high-performance balers are designed for fast, flawless baling and packaging of wood shavings in different sized bales. Wood ShavingOur wood shaving machine delivers a ready-to-sell solution by processing woodshavings into premium packed animal bedding products, suitable for livestock companies, such as horse breeding and animal farms.

If you decide to invest in a wood shaving machine for the production of animal beddings, like horse bedding, your business can benefit from the opportunity to convert wood shavings into top-quality packaged bales that meet all your specific baling and packaging needs.

Advantages of buying a Willems wood shaver

As mentioned before, you can compress wood shavings into any desirable bale size and quantity, if you operate with a wood shaving machine from Willems Baling Equipment. Our high-quality balers are designed to deliver maximum performance with minimum downtime. In addition, the wood shaving machines are able to produce clean, safe and dust-free bales, and therefore are an ideal solution for processing woodshavings for animal bedding purposes. Other advantages of a Willems wood shaver are:

• Safety in operation; the wood shaving machine operates fully automatic. The operator can constantly monitor the baling and packaging process with our user-friendly operator interface.
• The wood shaver requires minimum maintenance and operates at a high energy efficiency level.
• The baler can constantly deliver a high output of packaged bales of woodshavings.
• Our wood shavers produce high-quality animal bedding end products.
• Willems wood shaving machines reduce labor costs, film costs and waste disposal for the production of livestock bedding.

The best wood shaving machine for your baling and packaging needs

Wood Shaver MachineEvery single wood shaving machine at Willems Baling Equipment is custom-designed for high-precision bale pressing and packaging of wood shavings, that meet your specific baling and packing needs. A variety of waste substances can be converted into top-quality bales for the purpose of making companion animal and livestock bedding products. Our balers produce soft and comfortable animal bedding, which are devoid of any dust. In short: The wood shaver produces premium beddings that are ideal for horses, cattle, poultry, pets and many other animals.

We offer industry-leading horizontal wood shavers, that can be customized to meet your specific bedding packaging needs. For larger production lines we can also provide a wood shaving machine with a conveyer belt, that can be used to transport the compressed woodshavings from the baler to the packaging unit.


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The complete range of wood shaving machines offered at Willems Baling Equipment provides you with plenty of options to process wood shavings for easy and comforting animal beddings. Our advanced and fully automated wood shaving machine system is also suitable for converting a variety of different materials, such as chopped hay and straw, sawdust, pin chips and paper pulp into high-quality animal bedding products.

Please contact us to learn more about our highly engineered wood shavers and how we can assist you with choosing a wood shaving machine that meets all your baling press and packaging requirements. Contact us now, we will be happy to advise you.



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