Insulation press and baler

Glasswool compression

Buildings and houses are increasingly insulated to counter the ever-increasing consumption of energy. There is an increasing need for insulation material. Many insulation materials are made from glass wool. Glass wool is a voluminous product, which makes transport very expensive. For this, the most rigid packaging of glass wool is a difficult job. Glass wool can only be compressed to a limited compaction, otherwise the glass threads break and lose its insulation value. The insulation presses (HVH balers) that Willems Baling manufactures, press bales of 17 KG with a standard size of 1000mm x 600mm x 200mm. The bales can be stacked with a robot. A recent project in France shows the machine in the customer's own colors.

What makes this machine unique?

The customer is looking for reliability and continuity. Continuity in the sense that production has to take place 24 hours a day. An oven that melts the glass must continue to work. It takes an hour before the oven is hot enough. That requires a high degree of automation. The insulation press optionally has 3 rolls of foil in a carousel. This allows the machine to run for 40 hours in succession before the film needs to be filled. Around 4000 bales can be packed during that time. The machine can keep running when filling in a new roll of film. 


  • Voluminous products
  • Bale sizes depending on customer wishes
  • Capacity up to 150 baler per hour*
  • Bale weight up to 50 kg*

* Depending on product specifications

For more information. Download the brochure!

De brochure provides a brief summary of the excellent properties of the insulation press