Glass wool packing line

Juni 2020

Turn key delivered: glass wool, packing line

Willems realised a complete project for glass wool packing and handling. Glass wool which is used as blowing wool for building insulation.

Completely turn key system.

  • Conveyor system to feed the glass wool to the balers
  • Two fully automated balers to fabricate the bales, packed in flat foil.
  • Fully automatic foil carousel system for changing foil, while machine keeps on producing bales.
  • Complete conveying system that transports the bales from the two balers to the robot.
  • Fully automated robot stacker that stacks the bales on pallets. Included automated empty pallet infeed.
  • The stacked bales on pallets, follow a path to the next packing section, where a forklift can drive through the packing process.
  • A Willems stretch hood machine pulls fully automatic a stretch hood over the pallet.

All turn key delivered Willems machinery. All Willems manufactured.

Build for 24/7 production.