Engineering, production & assembly


Engineering at the highest level

The basis of every Willems machine is in our advanced engineering department. With the latest drawing and calculation programs, our engineers can generate lay-out, assembly and fully three-dimensional production drawings. Critical components are thoroughly calculated so that they are suitable for their function.

Willems Baling Equipment pays a lot of attention to user-friendly operation, sophisticated logistics and maximum safety. Thanks to decades of experience and knowledge that we have in-house, we can continue to develop our technology. As a result, we always deliver machines that are at the forefront of precision, reliability, user-friendliness, capacity and flexibility. Willems is constantly working on the development of new technologies, but also on the development of current machines.


High-tech production of components.

Working consistently on process optimization for years has led to complete control of our production. The creation of our machines is highly automated. Our production department uses advanced CNC laser and water-cutting technology. This assures us of the highest possible efficiency and accuracy.


Knowledge of technology for top quality guarantee

Every system is fully assembled and thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory. Only when everything runs smoothly is it released for transport. So you are assured of a quick installation on location and a trouble-free start.

For the construction of our machines, only brands from reputable suppliers are used that have proven themselves in practice. Including: Siemens (electronics), SEW (engines), Rexroth (hydraulics), SMC (pneumatics) and Kawasaki (robots).

The systems are designed in such a way that they can easily be dismantled into transportable parts, are easily transportable and can be assembled quickly on location. Our engineers deliver every system fully functional. Everywhere, worldwide.