Complete fully automatic baling and palletising system

United Kingdom, July 2023

Installed in the UK, a complete full automatic baling and palletizing line for baling and packing recycled shredded waste wood.
The customer collects waste wood from various companies in the area.
This waste wood is shredded and processed into stable bedding for example, horses.

The shredded wastewood is compressed into compact bales with a logistically logical bale size, so that transport costs are minimised.

  • The fully automatic balers press and pack the product into user friendly easy to handle compact bales.
  • The robotic stacking system stacks the bales perfectly on the pallet with minimal space between each bale. As a result, the number of bales per pallet is optimized.

The project started from scratch, first Willems discussed the wishes and needs with the customer and then Willems transformed these wished into technical solutions.

During production Willems helped the customer in what works best for the environment of the machines and how the machines can become the best. This meant that the machines could only be checked and fully operational within a few weeks.

Customers reaction: I must congratulate your company on the quality of this machine and your engineers on site have been excellent, you are one of the most professional companies that have worked for us and we look forward to working together in the future.”