Wood shavings packing line

February 2020

Complete wood shaving packing system build by Willems.

The system contains:

  • Infeed bunkers to feed product into the line.
  • Drum screens for separating sawdust from shavings, and remove air born dust
  • Screw conveyor system for transporting product from screen to balers.
  • 2 balers for making bales of wood shavings
  • 1 baler for making bales of sawdust
  • Complete fully automatic robot stacking system for stacking all bales on pallets. Complete with automatic infeed of empty pallets, and outfeed of full pallets.
  • Fully automatic stretch hooding machine that pulls over a stretch hood, over the stacked bales on pallet. To protect the finished product from rain and sun.

All turn key installed Willems machinery.