Log shavers

Willems developed techniques to make excellent wood shavings. The log shavers are divided in four versions; single, double, triple or recently available; quatro.

With these log shavers, wood shavings are produced with adjustable sizes; width, length and thickness of the shavings. Entirely at your wish!

The stationary input bunker allows automatic input, which contributes to better continuity. A specially developed system with interchangeable log shaver cassettes is another plus for this continuity. The complete cassette can be replaced in a matter of minutes with another sharp bladed cassette. In the meantime, the blades in the removed cassette can be sharpened fully automatic so this cassette will also be ready for use.


The unique features are:

  • Variable input
  • Sharp knives for constant results and saving energy
  • Interchangeable log shaver cassettes for minimal production stop
  • Fully automated sharpening for sharp blades
  • Optimal monitoring through touch screen
  • Wood shavings dimensions fully adjustable
  • Remote service
  • Low maintenance

As a leading producer worldwide, Willems has not only a lot of experience with the production of wood shavings and sawdust, but also with responsible compression to an optimum density. As a result, the product retains its properties and can be packed in practical rectangular bales. Ideal for transport to the final use location.

Log shaving line

This video shows the different shaving line techniques to make an excellent wood curl. It displays the automatic infeed of logs until the freshly shaved curls, from begin till the end.

Download the leaflet

In the leaflet you will find information about the possibilities that the log shaver offers.