Packing insulation

Location: France

Date: May 2019

It has become the main location for this internationally operating company. Potential customers can view the customer's products here and how they are packaged and prepared for transport. There are already several locations of this company equipped with our machines.

Very special that we were allowed to decorate this location, the showpiece for the customer!

Familiar with our baler

It was a completely new business location. A specification was drawn up. This was done quickly because the customer was familiar with our balance sheet press. On the basis of the layout and a number of discussions, we quickly arrived at the right set-up.

Own color

The customer wanted the baler to be sprayed in its own color so that it was recognizable to their customers.

The machines

We have supplied a HVH baler. This is a baler suitable for the packaging of extreme bulky products. Developed for 24/7 production, non-stop. Including automatic foil changing unit. And a robot line and winding machines so everything can be packed dust-free and water-tight for transport.

What did it deliver to the customer?

A machine that was delivered on time and passed the customer's factory acceptance test. The customer is very satisfied with the method of packaging.