Pallet packaging

Willems stretchhood offers full protection against dirt, dust and moisture. A quality stretchhood film also protects your products against scratches and surface damage. Furthermore, the packaging machines deliver watertight hoods, in order to protect the value of your products.

We supply different stretch cover machines for different applications.

The Willems advisors are happy to discuss the packaging requirements and the solutions that Willems Baling Equipment can offer for this.


Packaging with Willems' stretch cover machines has a number of advantages:

Stable and representative pallet packaging.

  • Waterproof pallet packaging: suitable for outdoor storage.
  • All moving parts are accessible (easy maintenance and easy inspection).
  • Sturdy construction and low overall height.
  • Horizontal and vertical stretching of the film results in a stable loaded pallet and minimal film costs.
  • The cover can be pulled under the bottom of the pallet. Stable attachment between pallet and load.
  • Different film rolls can be placed in the machine, this automatically changes to the desired film roll.
  • Barcode remains legible through the foil.
  • Colored foil and multi-color printing with company logo possible.


The film cover is available in the following variants:

  • Rack cover
  • Heat shrink
  • (Stretch) wrapping

Each film also has different options in color and printing. Download the brochure for more information!

Download the brochure for more information

The brochure contains extensive information about stretch cover machines and the possibilities it offers.