30% transport savings

Location: France

Date: September 2018

The customer entered a new market as a supplier of chopped straw for calves. The idea arose because a fourage trader and the customer came up with the idea of ​​bringing two methods together:

Calves eat, among other things, chopped and cleaned straw. Veal is supposed to be white. This can be achieved through a low iron content, which can be done by sieving the straw with a screening system.

The straw was normally delivered in France and cleaned in the Netherlands. By doing all this in France, cleaned straw can be packaged and delivered immediately without transporting it all the way to the Netherlands.


Supplying complete a complete factory while customer has no experience with the production of bales. Terrain and building needed to be altered in order to fit in the complete line.

What did Willems baling Equipment deliver?

  • Copping and screening system (2 lines) 
  • Maxi baler
  • robot palletiser.


What did it deliver for the customer?

  • Firmer and higher pressing
  • 25% more product (240 to 320 kilos) compressed.
  • achieved a transport cost saving of 30% !!
  • saving on foil (approx. 50% foil) (thicker foil has been used)