Product handling

We also offer accessories for the supply and product processing. This can be developed after customization. With the help of these systems we can construct a fully automated system where possible. Examples of this are a truck filling system and the supply to the baler.

Supply to baler

Willems also produces systems to transport products to the balers. This can be done with transport screws, chain scrapers, conveyor belts, or air transport. Everything is drawn, developed and made customer-specific at Willems, so that it fits in with the logistic space of customers.

Truck filling system

A truck filling system has been developed to load a truck efficiently and automatically.

Manner of operation:

A trailer is placed under the truck. A system is then automatically lowered, ensuring that there is a good seal between the trailer and the filling system. It is then filled with bulk product using a chain conveyor. When the trailer is full, the system stops automatically and the filling system rises again. Afterwards the trailer can be removed again.