Balers for every packaging need

Willems Baling Equipment provides balers for compressed packaging of wood chips, wood shavings, hay, grass, hemp fibres, potting compost, synthetic fibres, substrates, fibreglass, insulation materials, cellulose, paper, etc. We can produce a baler for any voluminous product.

Why Willems Baling Equipment?

The machine operates fully automatic. Which means it is programmed to fold, seal and adjust the packaging foil independently to process the product from raw material to a packaged bale. This saves film costs by up to20% compared to premade bags.

Maximum reliability

Working with flatfilm allows a continuous process. This eliminates problems like bags being static and not opening right or not being the right size every single time.The machinery is designed for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. Maximum reliability through high-class programming, first class components and accurate assembly allow it to operate the way it does. Alle movements are mechanically controlled, which sets the machine in charge, not the product.

Extremely user friendly

For operating Willems Baling Equipment, an operator does not need to be a highly skilled mechanic. The machine regulates itself which leaves minimal work for the operator, allowing him/her to be more flexible and be more versatile in his/her work. Additionally, the machine automatically adjusts its parameters searching for the optimum settings. Both of these features maximize capacity and increase efficiency.

Minimum maintenance costs

Willems Baling Equipment is continuous developing their machinery in order to further improve its reliability. While maintenance costs are already brought back to a minimum, wearing parts are always being revised and improved.

Minimum install costs

The machine is built within one solid frame, so no individual parts need to be mounted seperately and anchored to the floor. This results in one machine, with two modules mounted firmly on top of the frame. This minimizes installation time and working space needed. Your machine is fully operational in a short time.

Adjustable bale size/weight

Only one setting needs to be adjusted in order to alter bale length. Even changing bale height or width is possible in a short amount of time. Only a few parts need to be replaced. This also leaves a possibility of changing bale weight up to 150 kg.


As stated above, the possibilities are extensive. This allows Willems Baling Equipment products to be applicable in a wide arrange of products processed. Willems Baling Equipment is also able to supply its machinery with EC-type examination certificates for automatic gravimetric filling instruments and checkweighers.


This video shows the various range of Willems balers.